Bread Of Salt

The story “Bread Of Salt” written by a Filipino named Néstor Vicente Madali González. This story is about a young teenage boy (unnamed) who admires a beautiful girl named Aida. I don’t really get what the last paragraph of the story means. Because some of the words in the story are deep. I just read a little of the “Bread Of Salt” because I don’t understand. That’s why I only read the last part of the story and its summary. But I’m going to share how I understand the last paragraph.

The last paragraph which is
“He walked with me part of the way home. We stopped at the baker’s when I told him that I wanted to buy with my own money some bread to eat on the way to Grandmother’s house at the edge of the sea wall. He laughed, thinking it strange that I should be hungry. We found ourselves alone at the counter; and we watched the bakery assistants at work until our bodies grew warm from the oven across the door. It was not quite five, and the bread was not yet ready.”

The first paragraph for me means, Pete –the teenager’s friend, accompanied him walking to his house. Second paragraph, both of them stopped by at a bakery for him to buy bread using his own money. Third paragraph, he laughed thinking that he would be hungry at that moment. Maybe he wanted to buy bread for his grandmother or to share it with his friend. Fourth and fifth paragraph, he and Pete noticed that they are alone at the counter, maybe because it was too early for others to go buy bread. So they watched the bakery assistants working until their bodies get warm because of the oven across the door. During that time, it wasn’t five yet and the bread was not ready yet.





A lot of people, specially Christians, are used to praying every morning and before they sleep. Some people only pray because they should. You see, praying is not just a hobby that people do every day. Prayer is a special way to communicate with God. When we pray, we don’t just talk with God, but we should also thank Him for all the blessings and good things he did for us. We shouldn’t ask for a lot of things or money but instead we should thank Him and say how much we love Him.

Every time I pray, I sometimes feel something different. A certain feeling I only feel during I pray. I can’t even explain that feeling. But sometimes I also forget to pray. Maybe because I feel so tired that’s why I easily fall asleep. Many people also forget to pray but He understands us. Prayer also strengthens our love with God. The more we pray, the more God sees how we truly love Him. We can also pray anytime we want. We can pray if we need help, if we need strength, if we need wisdom, if we have a problem, if we want to say sorry for the sins we did or if we just want to talk to God to thank Him.

In short, I just wanted to say that praying is an important thing in life. It is a way to express our feelings and talk with God.


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Friends. For me or maybe all of us, our friends are one of the most important people in our lives. They are the people who knows you more than anyone and loves you just the same. They are the people that we trust and tell our deepest, darkest secrets too! Our friends are very important to each and one of us. Many of us treat them as a family, or maybe more than a family. But our friends can affect our attitudes. If we want to be a bad person, we should be friends with a bad one. But If we want to be a better person, we should be friends with a person that has a good personality. We should also pick people that would really want to be your friend. A person that won’t use you for any reason, but will love, care and understand you.

Yes, friends are important. But choosing your friends is more important.

Let me share a quote about friendship.

“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.”
-Elbert Hubbard

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Badminton is a physical and one of my favorite sports. It is composed of 1-2 people per team. There are doubles which needs two players per team. And singles which needs 1 player per team. In badminton, a person needs sportsmanship, speed, flexibility and alertness. Badminton for me is such a fun, exciting and a bit challenging game. You only should hit the shuttlecock towards the other half of the court. My friends and I usually play badminton after class and during our Sports Day at Amoranto. When I play badminton I sometimes don’t hit the badminton ball because I lack concentration. I only concentrate when the other team has a higher score than our team. When playing badminton, I like it better if I have a partner than doing singles. Because if I am at the left side of the court and they hit the shuttlecock towards the right, I am having a hard time catching the badminton ball. But if I have a partner, my partner could be the one to catch the shuttlecock.

Badminton really is a fun game for me. And even if I’m not that good at it, I really love playing badminton.


High School Life

Finally, High school! When I was younger, I always wanted to be a High School student. I always wonder how life would be in High School. I new that it the lessons in High School are much advance than Grade School students. More homework, more projects, more tests and the teachers would be stricter than other Grade School teachers, and I was correct. When we were about to graduate, I felt so happy and excited because I would already be in High School. Graduation Day was one of my best days in my life, it is also one of my unforgettable days because I know that I will now officially be a High School student.

First day of High School, I was so excited! I’m excited to meet new friends and to see my classmates again. While we were traveling to school, I felt a bit scared because of the things we are going to do. Because I know it would be harder. When the class started, we had a chance to introduce ourselves in every subject. Some of our teachers discussed a little and they all introduced themselves. We had fun activities and met our new teachers. First day in High School was fun and I hope that the whole school year we would learn a lot and it would also be fun.

“The Man” Movie

The Man is a comedy crime film of the year 2005. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Agent Vann, Eugene Levy as Andy Fiddler and Miguel Ferrer as Kane . The Man was directed by Les Mayfield and writen by Jim Piddock and Margaret Oberman. This movie is fun and funny to watch with your family, relatives and friends.

The Man is one of my favorite movies because it’s not just funny but it also shows here how the Agent Vann and Andy Fiddler became friends at the end. It also shows how to trust other people and also about friendship. This film is a story about an undercover agent, known as Agent Derrick Vann. He tried to look for the group of Kane who stole guns from a federal armory and the group who also killed his partner. Andy Fiddler, an ordinary man and a dentist, was suppose to attend a conference, but suddenly, gets stuck in the same mess. Kane believes that Fiddler is the person or ‘The Man’ behind it all and gives him a gun, which Agent Vann ordered. Agent Vann saw Fiddler and drags him around town, with him acting as the real ‘Man’.