“The Man” Movie

The Man is a comedy crime film of the year 2005. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Agent Vann, Eugene Levy as Andy Fiddler and Miguel Ferrer as Kane . The Man was directed by Les Mayfield and writen by Jim Piddock and Margaret Oberman. This movie is fun and funny to watch with your family, relatives and friends.

The Man is one of my favorite movies because it’s not just funny but it also shows here how the Agent Vann and Andy Fiddler became friends at the end. It also shows how to trust other people and also about friendship. This film is a story about an undercover agent, known as Agent Derrick Vann. He tried to look for the group of Kane who stole guns from a federal armory and the group who also killed his partner. Andy Fiddler, an ordinary man and a dentist, was suppose to attend a conference, but suddenly, gets stuck in the same mess. Kane believes that Fiddler is the person or ‘The Man’ behind it all and gives him a gun, which Agent Vann ordered. Agent Vann saw Fiddler and drags him around town, with him acting as the real ‘Man’.






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