High School Life

Finally, High school! When I was younger, I always wanted to be a High School student. I always wonder how life would be in High School. I new that it the lessons in High School are much advance than Grade School students. More homework, more projects, more tests and the teachers would be stricter than other Grade School teachers, and I was correct. When we were about to graduate, I felt so happy and excited because I would already be in High School. Graduation Day was one of my best days in my life, it is also one of my unforgettable days because I know that I will now officially be a High School student.

First day of High School, I was so excited! I’m excited to meet new friends and to see my classmates again. While we were traveling to school, I felt a bit scared because of the things we are going to do. Because I know it would be harder. When the class started, we had a chance to introduce ourselves in every subject. Some of our teachers discussed a little and they all introduced themselves. We had fun activities and met our new teachers. First day in High School was fun and I hope that the whole school year we would learn a lot and it would also be fun.


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