Badminton is a physical and one of my favorite sports. It is composed of 1-2 people per team. There are doubles which needs two players per team. And singles which needs 1 player per team. In badminton, a person needs sportsmanship, speed, flexibility and alertness. Badminton for me is such a fun, exciting and a bit challenging game. You only should hit the shuttlecock towards the other half of the court. My friends and I usually play badminton after class and during our Sports Day at Amoranto. When I play badminton I sometimes don’t hit the badminton ball because I lack concentration. I only concentrate when the other team has a higher score than our team. When playing badminton, I like it better if I have a partner than doing singles. Because if I am at the left side of the court and they hit the shuttlecock towards the right, I am having a hard time catching the badminton ball. But if I have a partner, my partner could be the one to catch the shuttlecock.

Badminton really is a fun game for me. And even if I’m not that good at it, I really love playing badminton.



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