A lot of people, specially Christians, are used to praying every morning and before they sleep. Some people only pray because they should. You see, praying is not just a hobby that people do every day. Prayer is a special way to communicate with God. When we pray, we don’t just talk with God, but we should also thank Him for all the blessings and good things he did for us. We shouldn’t ask for a lot of things or money but instead we should thank Him and say how much we love Him.

Every time I pray, I sometimes feel something different. A certain feeling I only feel during I pray. I can’t even explain that feeling. But sometimes I also forget to pray. Maybe because I feel so tired that’s why I easily fall asleep. Many people also forget to pray but He understands us. Prayer also strengthens our love with God. The more we pray, the more God sees how we truly love Him. We can also pray anytime we want. We can pray if we need help, if we need strength, if we need wisdom, if we have a problem, if we want to say sorry for the sins we did or if we just want to talk to God to thank Him.

In short, I just wanted to say that praying is an important thing in life. It is a way to express our feelings and talk with God.


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