Bread Of Salt

The story “Bread Of Salt” written by a Filipino named Néstor Vicente Madali González. This story is about a young teenage boy (unnamed) who admires a beautiful girl named Aida. I don’t really get what the last paragraph of the story means. Because some of the words in the story are deep. I just read a little of the “Bread Of Salt” because I don’t understand. That’s why I only read the last part of the story and its summary. But I’m going to share how I understand the last paragraph.

The last paragraph which is
“He walked with me part of the way home. We stopped at the baker’s when I told him that I wanted to buy with my own money some bread to eat on the way to Grandmother’s house at the edge of the sea wall. He laughed, thinking it strange that I should be hungry. We found ourselves alone at the counter; and we watched the bakery assistants at work until our bodies grew warm from the oven across the door. It was not quite five, and the bread was not yet ready.”

The first paragraph for me means, Pete –the teenager’s friend, accompanied him walking to his house. Second paragraph, both of them stopped by at a bakery for him to buy bread using his own money. Third paragraph, he laughed thinking that he would be hungry at that moment. Maybe he wanted to buy bread for his grandmother or to share it with his friend. Fourth and fifth paragraph, he and Pete noticed that they are alone at the counter, maybe because it was too early for others to go buy bread. So they watched the bakery assistants working until their bodies get warm because of the oven across the door. During that time, it wasn’t five yet and the bread was not ready yet.




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