Malala Yousafzai

Today I want to blog about a teenage girl named Malala Yousafzai. Malala Yousafzai is one of the bravest girl I know. She lives in Pakistan and got shot in her left forehead by the Taliban combatants, because she just wants education for each girl. She is an education activist wanting every boy and girl to study. She said in her speech that she speaks not for herself but for those without voice can be heard. When she got shot on October 9, 2012 she said that weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born. The Taliban taught that the bullet would silence her, but they failed. When she got shot, she didn’t give up. She’s still there to speak up for the right of education for each child. And now I think she’s in Africa or America. She can’t go back to Pakistan because the Taliban combatants are going to kill her. But because of her bravery to speak, a lot of hopeless people were touched and her story gave them hope to stand for their rights.

You can also search her on Youtube to hear her speech (:



Bonding Time With Friends

Last Friday, we went to Papemelroti with classmates. Then after that, some of my classmates and I went to Chocolate Kiss beside Papemelroti. We were so hungry by that time so we ordered a lot. We gave some of our money to Regina and she’s the one going to order. We ate 4 orders of French Fries, 2 slices of cake, 1 order of Fish Croquettes, drinks and I forgot the other food. Our total bill is about 954 pesos. After we ate, I was really full. I had a fun time with my friends. And Regina also had a hard time computing our total bill if our money is enough. She got really scared because she taught that we don’t have enough money. Our boys were very noisy because they were playing their iPads while the girls are talking about stuff. Last Friday was really awesome because we had a chance to spend our time with our classmates.



Caring For Our Environment

This Saturday, the Grade 7 Batch went to Papemelroti. We learned how to care for our environment by recycling. One of the workers of Papemelroti taught us how to make paper out of used papers. I had a fun time making recycled paper with friends today. I saw a lot of things their selling made out of paper. Almost everything their selling are made out of recycled materials. Like notebooks, clocks,boxes, bags and more.

I’m going to show you guys some pictures…

This is made out of newspaper







This is made by the prisoners in jail. Very cool



The pig shaped thing in this picture is made by a Grade 2 student.


Picture, picture! πŸ™‚


When I saw all of these, I was very amazed because of their creativity. So, we should also help them by recycling stuff. Because recycling can also help our environment and it could also save trees.

“Homeless to Harvard”

This Friday we did s lot of things at school. Our only subject we had today is P.E. and 30 minutes of Music class. I had a great time today because we had our first Chaplaincy with Coach Ina, Highschool Orientation. Coach Ina shared a story of a girl named Elizabeth Murray or Liz, Homeless to Harvard. This movie is very inspirational. It’s about a homeless and for me she’s very hopeless in life. But still was able to study in Harvard. She was born to a poor and drug addict parents. When she was about 13 years old, her mom was taken away from her because she was very addicted to drugs. So by that time, Liz and her father lived together. Because her father is not taking good care of Liz, she is the one looking for her own food. She eats anything she see in order for her not to become hungry. She felt so sad, alone and hopeless. Then one day, one of their neighbors called an orphanage or like the ones taking care of parentless children. So they took Liz and brought her to like an orphanage. She felt very sad because her dad didn’t even stopped them. He just agree and gave her away. She felt that her dad doesn’t love her. While she was in the orphanage, a lot of kids tease and bully her. Until she was 16. She said to herself that she wants to change her life. She wants to go to school and finish her education. So that’s what she did. She enrolled herself in a school. She was 1st year highschool when she was 16. So she taught that by the time she graduates highschool, she’ll be 20 years old. She said to herself that she’s already too old. That’s why her plan is to finish higschool in 2 years. So she studied hard, very very hard. She works at a restaurant in order for her to buy books. She takes a bath in public restrooms. Because of her hard work, she was able to finish highschool at age 18! Now her problem is she wants to go to College. But she doesn’t have enough money to enroll herself. Then one time, she saw an ad by Times New Magazine that you’re going to be a scholar in Harvard if you send the story of your life and win. Because Liz really wants to go to College, that’s what she did. She wrote her story and sent it to Times New Magazine. She was one of the winners and she was able to study in Harvard. She felt really happy because she was able to change her life.

I hope a lot of us will be inspired by her story. I learned that there are no excuses in life. We are FREE to choose what we want to make of our life, like what Coach Ina said.



Zumba :D

Today me and some of my friends attended Sunday School at Crossroad. Last week, our Sunday School teachers told us to wear sports attire because we are going to do some exercise and Zumba. At first I didn’t want to go because we are going to dance dance dance and exercise. But because my friends are going, I thought that it would be fun because they’re coming too. So I also attended. During our teachers told us to follow the dance steps they’re going to show, I didn’t dance and because its weird and I’m not a really good dancer and I’m also not used to dance in public. I dance, sometimes, when I really need to. After the Zumba, ages we (ages 10 and up) went to a different room. We had a group game. We need to do 50 push ups, 150 abdominal cycling and some squats, jumping lounges, burpees, and crunches. And the first group to finish all these exercises wins. Our group won. After all these exercises, we ate oatmeal with bananas. It was really a fun and tiring day. πŸ™‚

This is a picture of Wren and Romer after finishing the game. Haha πŸ™‚


We Should Always Love Our Parents No Matter What :D

I think this is a very nice topic to blog about. A lot of us, specially pre-teens like me, we already answer back to our parents. We answer back every time they scold us. Sometimes we even shout at them. And we just don’t know how our parents feel every time we answer back or shout at them. Our parents are also humans like us. They have feelings like every person in this world. They get hurt so bad and sometimes they cry inside but they just don’t show it. They love us SO much. We keep on thinking of ourselves and forget that they also grow old while we are growing up. All I want to say is that we should also love our parents back by simply saying “I love you!” or kissing and hugging them every day. Even a simple “I love you”, they will treasure it in their hearts because we don’t know how much that means to them. We should also respect them no matter what. Even if they are annoying sometimes we still should remember that they are still our parents. They’re the reason why we even exist. And even if they can just leave us anywhere or just give us to anyone while we were still babies, they didn’t. Instead they loved us and took care of us. We should be very thankful because God gave us parents who care. Also remember that our parents may not be perfect but they are the MOST PRECIOUS gift God has given us. And even if we already are big enough to live on our own we already have are own family, we should not leave our parents because they are already old but we should still remember them because they didn’t leave us while we were still young. πŸ™‚

In short, love your parents no matter what happens πŸ™‚




Don’t Judge People By Their Looks

A lot of us judge people by their physical appearance. Even if we don’t know that person much, we judge them immediately. You know, we don’t have the right to judge anyone. Today I’m going to share a short video that we watched in English class. The name of the video is “LOVEFIELD”. This video is about a man doing something to a woman in the field (They didn’t show what the man was doing). And then suddenly the man placed the knife on the ground. All of us got shocked when during that time. Then the we saw the man’s face. He looked like a bad bad criminal and he also looked scary. And then, the man run to his car and took a blanket. My classmates and I thought that the man was going to cover the woman with that cloth and bury her. When the man was going back to the woman, I felt really scared because I know that he’s going to do something bad to her. But when he reached the woman, he didn’t cover her with the blanket and bury her but he got the woman’s baby because the she was actually giving birth in the middle of a rice field. The thing the man was doing at the start of the video is that I think he was helping the woman give birth to her baby.

“LOVEFIELD” is a really nice video. I’m sure that all of us will think bad stuff about the man in the beginning. My epiphany is that we shouldn’t think bad things about someone because we actually don’t know who they are and what are their plan is and also don’t judge people by their looks πŸ˜€




Love Of God <3

Because it’s Sunday today, I’m going to blog about God’s love for us. Do you guys know how much God loves us? Do you know what He did for us to live and enjoy our lives? And do you know that He sacrificed His one and only son to die for our sins??? God loves us SOOOO much that He was willing to let His son be crucified for the sins of others. Just imagine, who would do that? Who would sacrifice their own son or daughter to save the world? We should be very thankful because God gave us a second chance to to live and correct our mistakes. It has been written “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” If we accept God in our hearts, and if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we will be saved from the river of fire which is Hell and have everlasting life in Heaven (John 3:16).



Eating :)

I’m going to blog about eating food. Eating is like one of my favorite thing to do in my whole life. I just love eating because it makes me feel better. Every time I get bored, I just eat and eat and eat until my tummy burst (not really).

I do not have any favorite food because I like eating any kind of food. Like for example: tocino, egg, ham, hotdog, potato, leafy vegetables, adobo, mango, apple, orange, grapes, melon, fish and more. But sometimes if we eat too much, we could get fat. There are some people who eat a lot but doesn’t get fat that much. And also some people who eat less but get fat easily (unfair).

We should control the food we eat and maintain a healthy diet :).




Yesterday, the school had an event called #MoveIt.Β It was a very fun day because of the obstacle course which a student and his/her parents or guardians should finish. We’re going to sprint, jump, do 15 squats, balance, and eat banana. The section who finishes first, wins. Our section (Namwaran) won, maybe because we are less than the other section. I also had fun because of the waveboard. One of our classmates brought his waveboard yesterday. We played with it and it was very fun. For me, it seems easier playing a waveboard than a skateboard. But they’re almost the same except you need to move your feet more. Yesterday we were not able to finish the whole event. We already left during the basketball and volleyball game because we were suppose to watch Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. But we didn’t because it was already done. So my brother and cousin went home to relax, but me, my sister and mom stayed because I still have training. It was a tiring (because of our training) and FUN day with family and friends.