Creating Something Out of Nothing 😀

Last week I did some recycled products for this coming Community Hour. I searched 👀 for tutorials about recycling and how to make headbands, necklaces and stuff. I found videos and tried to make them. I was able to make two headbands, necklaces and hairpins. After creating something out of useless materials, I actually enjoy and appreciate recycling more 😄. And it also helped me to be more creative and think out of the box 👏. I saw, the importance of little things and like what our school’s directress always say “Little things are not little” 👍. I now understand what she wanted to say to her fellow students. Sometimes, there are small things 👌 in life that we don’t even care about. Until we realize that the small things in life are very important and not 🙅 really small . We just have to see 👀 the use and importance of little things. For example, recycling. Every time we throw our trash because it is already useless, we don’t know how important our trash will be in the future. We can make something out of useless things 😀.





Blogging. Question, why do we have to blog? Well, to be honest I actually don’t know. Maybe our teachers are telling us to blog every week for us to improve our grammar and sentences. Blogging is also a way to express what we feel and share interesting stories. I got so bored a while ago then suddenly I realized that I still my blog set for this week isn’t complete yet. So I decided to blog but I don’t have any topic. After wasting my time thinking, I thought about this topic: “Blogging”. So now I’m writing a blog about BLOGGING. I don’t know if I already wrote a blog about the same topic but because I have nothing to blog about, I shall write a blog about what I’m talking about now. So that’s all for now :D. I HOPE you enjoy while reading my blog which I think is not gonna happen :D. Just…. ENJOY! Bye bye 😁.

VLC :))

25 days left until VLC. I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED. Last Thursday, our adviser, Ms. Magpayo, announced our rankings, roommates and partners for VLC. I was very very very excited to know who my roommates and partner are. So she called us one by one to see our rankings in the whole batch. Then after that, she announced our roommates. I was happy to know that my roommates are also my friends :D. My partner is Janika or Sophia and I’m sure we’re going to enjoy and talk about lots of stuff. And my roommates are Kamille, Moriah Chavez, Sophia and Janika :). I hope this VLC will be very memorable for each of us because it is our first time to go to Cebu with the whole batch :). I also hope that we would learn a lot about our country’s history, enjoy, and return to Manila safe. 😄

Visayas Learning Camp! (VLC)

Before I start, I’m going to tell you what VLC is all about. Visayas Learning Experience (VLC) is when the Grade 7 students will go to Visayas and visit some historical places for them to learn more and have a deeper understanding about our history. This year, because my classmates and I are already in the 7th grade, it’s our turn to go to Visayas. I’m very sure we’re going to enjoy, learn and discover new things about our country’s history. On the 24th of October, 26 days from now, we’re going to Cebu! The places that we are going to visit are Rizal Museum, Kalipulaku Shrine, and Tres de Abril Martyr. We are also going to know the story of success industries such as Philippine Dried Mangoes, Arden Classic, and Kenneth Cobonpue’s showroom. And the most exciting part of this educational trip is that we were given a chance to watch the play “Rizal Atbp.” at Bread Of Life Cebu. Also on November 9, some students from Grade 7 were chosen to perform “Rizal Atbp.” at Crossroad. And on October 27, we’re going back to Meridian and share what we have learned.

Now, I’m going to write a letter for my roommate. I don’t even know who my roommate will be. But I hope that she is one of my close friends so that I could enjoy more. But if not, I am looking forward to know you more and be friends with each other.

Hi roommate!
You see, it’s my first time to go to Cebu ✈(airplane sound effect: eeeeooowwwng buugszzhh!) so I hope we are going to have a great time with each other. Don’t get mad at me if I wake you up at the middle of the night 😁. And please don’t take a picture of me while I’m having my 8 hour beauty sleep 😅. Also, I can’t promise you not to be noisy and annoying specially when I have nothing to do and hungry. I hope that you don’t sleep early so that we have time to talk about GOT TO BELIEVE, even if you don’t like KathNiel 😋. I’ll TRY to be less annoying for you to enjoy a short time of peacefulness. Enjoy our 3 day stay at Cebu! I’m going to be the best roommate 😉, or maybe the worst.

Truly yours,
Princess Damoyan


VMA (Video Music Award) is presented by the MTV channel to award great music videos. My first time to watch VMA is when Miley Cyrus performed. Because I hear plenty of negative comments about her performance that’s why I also decided to watch. I did a little bit of research about this and I saw lots of videos about her performance. I can see the people’s reaction and how disappointed they are. Specially her fans.

When Miley Cyrus changed (hairstyle, clothes), she looked very different. She also looked like a gangster and an uneducated person. When I watched Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, I was so shocked. I miss her Hannah Montana shows when she was still young and good. She’s becoming like Lady Gaga and other disrespectful celebrities. Specially when she was twerking! I was like “Oh my gosh, what is she doing?” And her tongue is out for almost 3/4 of her performance time. All I can say is that she REALLY changed. Big time.

Let’s talk about ROLE MODEL. From what I can see nowadays is that Miley Cyrus is not a good role model for the youth and kids. What she’s doing now is called “freedom”. You see, all of us have the choice to choose which way are we going. The right way or the wrong one? Role models are the people who are a good example. For me, I don’t think Miley Cyrus is a good example. Youth these days should think more on who will they follow. Yes, we all know that we have the freedom to choose, but we also should know what is right and what is wrong.


First Term

During the first term, I did not give my best. I thought that English this year will be like last year when I was still in elementary. But then what I thought was wrong. English became more challenging and hard. The sentences in our quizzes, seatwork and exercises became longer and the words now have deeper meaning than before. What I’m planning to do this second period to perform better in English is to read more to improve my grammar. I also lack concentration while reviewing and studying. I’m going to spend less time on Facebook because Facebook can’t help me improve my performance in English.

Three unforgettable experiences/ learning/ discoveries. Well, I only have two unforgettable experiences in English. One of the unforgettable experiences is when we were discussing about the Bread of Salt by NVM Gozales. We ate pandesal while talking about the story. We also brought our own spread so that it would taste better. I really enjoy talking about it because the story is pretty cool and it has a nice meaning and lesson unlike other stories. Another unforgettable experience is when me and my partner was making a video for extra credits. Because it was too noisy here in the classroom, we decided to record our voice in the comfort room. We keep on repeating because we forgot to lock the door and an elementary student opened the door. We also laugh while recording that’s why it took us so long to finish the video.

For me, the class would be much more fun if we play games once a week or after every lesson. English plus games will be fun and exciting.