Creating Something Out of Nothing πŸ˜€

Last week I did some recycled products for this coming Community Hour. I searched πŸ‘€ for tutorials about recycling and how to make headbands, necklaces and stuff. I found videos and tried to make them. I was able to make two headbands, necklaces and hairpins. After creating something out of useless materials, I actually enjoy and appreciate recycling more πŸ˜„. And it also helped me to be more creative and think out of the box πŸ‘. I saw, the importance of little things and like what our school’s directress always say “Little things are not little” πŸ‘. I now understand what she wanted to say to her fellow students. Sometimes, there are small things πŸ‘Œ in life that we don’t even care about. Until we realize that the small things in life are very important and not πŸ™… really small . We just have to see πŸ‘€ the use and importance of little things. For example, recycling. Every time we throw our trash because it is already useless, we don’t know how important our trash will be in the future. We can make something out of useless things πŸ˜€.




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