Packing Day (VLC!!!!!!!!!! 4 HOURS LEFT 😭)

4 HOURS LEFT BEFORE THE MOST AWAITED DAY! Tomorrow, 24th of October, we are going to Cebu, Visayas. We didn’t have any classes today for us to prepare the things we need to bring tomorrow. Batch 1 and Batch 2’s meeting time tomorrow will be at 4 o’clock in the morning while batch 3 will meet at I think 5 AM. I am part of Batch 1 that’s why I need to sleep early but I still have to finish my blog set for this week. Anyways, I REAAAALLY CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER I’M SOOOO EXCITED. I just finished packing my things which includes my blue shirt, PE uniform, 1 set of School uniform, jeans, shoes, cap, business attire, sleeping wear, pocket money, phone, and many many many many more. Now I have exactly 5 and a half hours left to sleep. I’m going to wake up at 1:30 in the morning because I don’t wanna be late, like my brother last year. I just hope that this field trip will not be just like any other field trip, but a trip that will teach us lots of new things, discover, inspire us, and will let us love our country more. I also hope that all of us will be able to go to Visayas. I hope that no one will get sick while we’re in Cebu. Let’s just pray that God will be with us all the way to Cebu and back to Manila :))).


VLC <3

Heelloooo! Tomorrow is our last day in school before VLC! EMEGEEESSSSHHHHHHH!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. 3 days before our camp and 3 days more before my first time to ride an airplane :))))). I just want to blog about how excited I am because it is also my first time to go to Visayas. It’ll be fun because of course I’m with my classmates and we’ll learn lots of new things. A while ago we had an orientation for VLC at Land 21. Ate Jackie shared her experienced and the things she learned when they went in Cebu last year. She said that it was very fun and they learned the stories behind the historical places in Cebu. Like for example, the Kalipulako Shrine. She said that the story behind Kalipulako Shrine has a sad part also. But she didn’t tell us what is it because she might lessen our excitement. Yeah so that’s all ^^. Again, I AM EXCITED. 😭 tears of joy

VLC Orientation ^^

Awhile ago, 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon, we had an orientation for this coming Visayas Learning Camp in Cebu. Our teachers discussed all the rules, consequences, places we’re going to visit, attires we’re going to use, things we need to bring, where to meet, groupmates and more :))))). I was very very excited while they were talking in front but the sad thing is that the school isn’t 100% sure yet if our VLC will be on October 24-27 because of the earthquake. They still need a letter from the Golden Prince Hotel if they are sure that we are safe to stay there for 4 days and 3 nights. If they say that they’re not 100% sure, then our VLC will be moved on January :((((. I hope God will keep us safe in Cebu because all of us have been waiting for this camp for months! So PLEASE PLEASE PRAY :D.

Okay, going back to the orientation, they also said that room hopping isn’t allowed ._. . Almost half of the batch from last year’s camp had a verbal reprimand while others had an offense slip because they did not follow the rules. Sad. We also aren’t allowed to bring video games and other gadgets because it might be lost and we do not have time to play. Our iPads will also be collected by tomorrow because we can’t take home our iPads during breaks :|. But nvm 😀. The objective of this field trip is to learn and also have fun. 😄😃😀😊😝😛😁😅😆😋😇😎😎😎

VLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Only 6 days to go before our Visayas Learning Camp! 😀 I AM VERY EXCITED. SUPER. I really just can’t wait to ride an airplane! Lol jke, I REALLY JUST CAN’T WAIT. I’m very sure lots of unexpected things will happen. I can feeeeel it. I’m excited to watch “Rizal Atbp.” and to visit historical sites in Cebu. I hope I’m going to learn a lot about our country’s history and appreciate it more. And another thing I AM VERY SURE OF, when we get back here in Manila, we’re going to have lots of projects about VLC. A lot of reaction paper, special projects, and write about what we learned. But it’s fine with me well except for the projects ehehe :D. I just feel bad for my classmates who won’t be able to come with us in Cebu because they’re gonna miss A LOT and feel OP when we talk about VLC. I just hope their parents would allow them because even if an earthquake happened, many of people are still praying for Cebu and for our safety. It’s all in God’s plan. He won’t let anything bad happen to us without a purpose 😊.

English (#Nosebleed) 😀

Today at school we had an English debate (#NosebleedOverload). The topic is all about “Scent of Apples” by a Filipino named Bienvenido N. Santos. I had fun listening and watching my classmates debating. I was just like “How in heaven and in earth do they speak in English that well??”. A lot of people in our class speaks well in English than their own country’s language, Filipino. They speak in English fast and they do not worry about their grammar. UNLIKE ME, every time I have to speak in English, I still translate the words I want to say. I didn’t speak much a while ago in the debate because I’m not really used to speak in English. If it was a Filipino debate, I WOULD HAVE SAID A LOT. I can express myself more in Filipino than any other language, and I am proud of it 😊. But of course, I also have to learn how to speak in English well for me to communicate with other people from other countries. This year I shall TRY my best to correct my grammar and speak in English more often :D.

Just. Bored.

Today I’m going to blog about a topic where I THINK MAJORITY OF US or maybe ALL OF US IN OUR BATCH can relate 😅. Well maybe except for some that really enjoy blogging. Do you guys know that feeling when you blog just because it is required but you really don’t want to and now you’re thinking of a topic to blog about because the deadline is near? Well, I know a person who REALLY RELATES TO THIS TOPIC 😁. Now, as in NOW, a person is blogging because she is required to blog three times every week and she is currently blogging about a very fun and relatable topic. That person is really not a blogger and that person is having a hard time translating what she wants to write from Filipino to English language and that person doesn’t know if her grammar is correct or if her sentences even make sense. And a second ago, she counted how many sentences have she wrote and was hoping it’ll reach ten sentences (minimum). After she counted her sentences, she still needs to write three sentences for her to reach ten sentences 😀. Now I guess you guys already know who that person is because it’s quite obvious 😎. Reblog or like this blog if you guys can relate :D. I don’t even think people read my blogs because they’ll just get bored bored bored … Jk ^__^.. Okay okay I just realized what I’m doing now is just nonsense. And btw, 8 DAYS LEFT BEFORE VLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMEGEEEESSH! We’re going to Visayas for our educational trip this year. It’s my first time to ride an airplane and to go to Visayas that’s why i’m soooo excited TO DA MAX! Haha yeaaah😅 bye bye :))

Hungry+Bored+No Internet=😱😨😫😥?

Do you guys know that feeling when you’re sooooo hungry and you have nothing to eat? Or when you’re bored and hungry without any food plus no internet? I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE BEING VERY HUNGRY WITHOUT FOOD+BORED+NO INTERNET=WORSE THAN THE WORST FEELING EVER. Life without food?😱. I just love love love eating. Every time I’m bored, I find something to eat :D. But of course I also discipline myself 😊. My favorite food is chocolate ^_^. Chocolate cake, chocolate bread, chocolate chocolate, chocolate ice cream or anything that has chocolate in it. But the bad side is, I MIGHT get fat fat fat 😰. That’s why we should discipline ourself and eating too much is also a sin. But anyway, I always get hungry. As in, always. I have no idea why. Maybe because i’m just a growing kid or I don’t know. It’s just that when I eat, I feel better :))))) . Goodnight!

Life Without Connections (Wifi)

Last week until today our WiFi connection isn’t working because of some problems. My week was so boring and I had nothing fun to do except for eating eating eating. Life without WiFi is like a life with no connections to your friends and love ones. It is so hard to connect with people specially homework. Our teachers are sending us homework to do through email which needs an internet connection. It was really since our WiFi connection got lost for about one week now. Internet is already like one of the things I need in life :D. Because I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT INTERNET AND GADGETS. It’s just like living a normal life without friends. Because almost everything I do involves internet except for eating and sleeping. So now I just hope that our WiFi will be okay so that I can continue the things I do and finish my homework. 😔😁😀


This week was a VERY BUSY one. We had lots of homework to do, seatworks and quizzes to study for, deadlines to reach and projects to pass. It was a very very very stressful and tiring week. We made some recycled products to sell because we need to earn P50,000 which is I think impossible. But we were able to earn P10,000 by the grace of God :))). I had fun selling food to young students at our school because I enjoy talking with little kids :DD. Each one of us were assigned in a committee. There was I think five or four committees. I was assigned in the game committee but I also helped in the ecoshop because I love selling. I went around Meridian to sell the food to students, teachers and parents and everything was bought. I think all our hardwork paid off and even if we weren’t able to reach P50,000, we were still able to earn money because of our teamwork :).

Elevator Girl (:

I just want to share the life of a woman known as the “Elevator Girl”. She’s just an ordinary person working as an elevator operator in SM Olongapo. Her life story was played last week in MMK. Her name is Cheridel Alejandrino or Cheri and she came from a poor family that’s why she wasn’t able to go to College. So she decided to work in Manila with the permission of her parents. She worked as a maid in a condominium. It was her first time to ride an elevator and she got dizzy and doesn’t want to ride an elevator again. While staying in Manila, she keeps on remembering what her father told her while she was still in Olongapo. What her father said is “Basta gawin mo lang ang best mo sa lahat ng ginagawa mo”. In English, “Just do your best in all the things that you do”. That’s the reason why she keeps on smiling even though she misses her family so much and is having a hard time already. Years past, Cheri had her own family. She has a husband and one baby boy. Because her husband is having a hard time looking for a job, Cheri also started looking for one because, they lack money for their baby and everyday needs. Cheri found a job in Olongapo being a janitor. She was going to clean the comfort room in a mall every weekends. Then she was assigned to be an elevator operator. When she entered the elevator, she didn’t feel well because she isn’t used to ride an elevator. But even if she wanted to refuse, she didn’t. Because she was thinking that her new job is a blessing to her and her family. Every time a person comes in, she always greets them happily with a smile. She even sings to entertain people and she always make them smile before leaving the elevator. Recently, she was discovered in YouTube because she does her job very well even though she is just an elevator operator and she was also given an award 😃. What I learned from her story is that if we give our everything in something we do, we will be rewarded with a bigger and greater prize. Her story is really nice and inspiring.