Miss Universe 2013

Last week, November 9, Miss Universe 2013 was held at the Crocus City Hall in Russia. Yearly, Miss Universe is being held in different countries. 86 countries joined this event this year. Miss Ariella Arida was the one who participated in this event while representing the Philippines. She is a Filipino Beauty Queen and was born on November 20, 1988 in Laguna. When the emcee was announcing the Top 16 of this pageant, 15 countries were already announced but I didn’t hear our country’s name. It gave me a mini heart attack because for the last few years, Philippines is always part of the top 5. So when the emcee was going to announce the top 16, it was the Philippines 😭. Haha I was happy to hear that. So the pageant went on and we were part of top 10 and top 5. When the Question and Answer part came, I felt really excited. I can’t wait to hear Miss Ariella Arida’s answer to the judges’ question. Judge Tara Lipinski was the one who asked Ariella the question. She asked “what can be done about the lack of jobs for young people starting with their careers all around the world.” Ariella’s answer was this:
β€œFor the people who have lack of jobs, I do believe that we people should invest in education. And that is my primary advocacy, because if every one of us is educated and weβ€˜re well aware of what we are doing, we could land into jobs and could land good careers in the future. So, education is a primary source and it is a ticket for a better future.”
Among every country who was part of the top 5, Philippines was the only country from Asia and Ariella was the only one who answered in English. The 4 contestants answered with a translator. But even though we didn’t win, I’m still proud ^^. Ariella Arida won 3rd Runner Up and we Filipinos are proud of it.



Recently, a very VERY strong typhoon hit some parts of the Philippines specially Tacloban. They say that Yolanda is the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the history of mankind that killed at least 10,000 people in Leyte. I watched the news last night and I saw a lot of people crying and really sad. They lost their families, loved ones, houses and other properties. Based from what I hear and see, Yolanda is already considered as a super typhoon and is part of signal #5.

Last month, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Bohol and some parts of Cebu. Lots of churches and historical places in Bohol were damaged because of the earthquake. The precious places in Bohol that the people took care of for how many years are now gone just because of an earthquake. Not very long ago, another sad event happened in our country. There was a war in Mindanao. Filipinos vs Filipinos? It just… really breaks my heart 😣. War, earthquake, strongest typhoon, and Napoles. I just don’t understand why God gives us a problem after another problem that has not been solved yet. I mean, I’m not saying that it’s Gods fault, I just don’t get it πŸ˜₯. Is He trying to tell us something about His return? Or is He trying to tell us something about our country? Well, I think, for now we should just stay strong and hold on. Maybe God just wants to teach us something that would help us develop more as a country. 😊 Think positive, remember? xD…

Just please include the Philippines in your prayers and continue praying for the people in Tacloban. We do not know how strong our prayers will affect them πŸ˜€