Problems in Life :)

So tonight I am going to blog about problems. Yay. So what do you feel everytime you encounter a problem happening in your life? Whether it’s big or small, school problems, family problems, lovelife (if you guys have one), personal problems, etc. What I can say about problems is that they are given by God for us to solve. Our Creator, God, gives us hard times or problems sometimes for us to learn/ for us to be stronger/ or for us to remember Him. Everytime a problem comes into your life, don’t feel bad or angry at Him even though you are having a hard time already. Remember that He will never give you a problem that He knows you won’t be able to solve. And if you fail to solve that problem, don’t give up easily because there is always a chance for us to start again. Like what they say that everytime a door closes, one door opens. But we sometimes just stare at the closed door too long and don’t know that another had opened. So that means, He still gives us opportunities for us to stand again. And he wants to give us problems because only then will we remember that He exists. We sometimes forget God because of the things or people around us. Because of the happiness happening in our lives. But only then we remember Him when we have problems or when we feel lost. So just remember that God is ALWAYS there for us. He’s just there knocking on the doors of people’s heart waiting for them to accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior. He is always there and he will never get tired of waiting and understanding you :). That’s why as much as possible while we are still alive, let us show Him how much we love and appreciate the things he does for us everyday.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last Thursday night, some of my classmates and I watched the Grade 10’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of William Shakespeare’s masterpiece. So yaaaah… I wasn’t supposed to blog about this topic but I saw some of my classmates blogging about this so I’ve decided to also blog. I lack looOoooOoOOoooOts of blog and I really need to catch up. Besides, it’s third sem already. Okay I shall continue. I’m expecting that you guys know about Shakespeare because he’s life is a big part of English history. He is known to be the greatest English writer in the world. He’s mind and talent in writing are just sooooo incomparable. So there now you know a little about William Shakespeare. Uhm so just like what I said earlier, we watched one of his plays by the Grade 10 students and it was awesooome! Their props, stage designs, lights, costumes and specially the dresses were beautiful! I didn’t know that the Grade 10 students would be able to do such a great and wonderful job. I like how they acted, their style and accent of speaking in English and their hard work really paid off. After the play, I was just wondering, If our batch reaches 10th grade, would we be able to do such a big project? I think not but I hope so. Because of this play, I just realized that the talents given by our Creator to each grade 10 students were used for his glory and I think this is a way for us to find our passion. 😀😊😄😁


Metro Manila Film Festival 2013

Every year, there is a film festival that happens from December 25 until the first week of January, and the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is part of it. During the MMFF, only Filipino movies are being shown in Philippine theaters to showcase locally produced films. This year’s MMFF, 15 movies were submitted but only 8 were allowed by the MMDA. The 8 movies are “Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy”, “My Little Bossings”, “Pagpag”, “10 000 Hours”, “Kimmy Dora”, “Kaleidoscope World”, “Pedro Calungsod”, and “Boy Golden”. During the Christmas break I was able to watch Pagpag and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (GBBT). The two movies were great especially GBBT, it was really funny. And not just that, it also has a lesson that all of us should learn. It’s about forgiving and starting again as a family. If I’m not mistaken, I think the movie My Little Bossings earned the highest amount of money then GBBT second, Pagpag is third but “10 000 Hours” received lots of awards than the other movies.

If you haven’t watched a movie from MMFF, I highly encourage you to watch for us to support Filipino movies and to also enjoy movies of our own. It would also be a nice time for you and your family to bond together while enjoying watching and by the same time learning.