Valentine’s ❤️ <3

Valentine’s day is over but I’d still blog about it. Every February 14, people celebrate heart’s day or valentine’s day. This is a special day for couples and the people who are important in your life. LoooOOooooOooooveee. Yesterday, I saw boys walking while holding a bouquet of roses. Sweeeet. Lots of couples were holding hands and walking sweetly along the sideways. (I think I now know the reason why I got late for about 30 minutes). Love? What I know about love is that it is one of the greatest feelings on earth. It is such a great emotion felt by everyone. Love for family, friends, country, a special person and more. Without love, I think the world would be dark, full of cruel people and hopelessness. The greatest love of all? Well, for me it’s the love of God. He loved us so much that He sacrificed His son, Jesus Christ, His one and only son to save us from our sins. And that is a very true and perfect example of Love.

Okay, back to Valentine’s. I love Valentine’s! xD.. Why? Uhm obviously because of the chocolates🍫! Valentine’s day never fails to keep my tummy full. Soooo that’s just about it 😄😀


Homework: builds or destroys?

“Many students sleep late because of too much homework”, based on many articles. In every school, it is the practice of teachers to give homework to their students. This is a way of helping the students to learn more by doing it by himself at home. It also helps them to understand the lesson more. Homework could be a follow-up for the lessons taken in the classroom or it could be an advance study for the lessons to be taken the following meeting. However, homework doesn’t always help students’ academic performance. Too many homework could cause the students to sleep late at night trying to finish all the given assignments. Whenever a student stay late at night, it would lead him to poor performance in class. Staying late at night gives you a heavy eyes and sometimes dizziness that would affect your concentration in class lectures or discussions. Because of this, it lessens students’ interest in learning.

Highschool students should be given a maximum of 4 homework daily. If they would have more than 4 homework a day, students won’t be able to finish it all before the deadline. For highschool students, 4 homework is enough because some homework consumes a lot of time. Sometimes there are homework that needs to be done for two or more hours especially if it requires research or interview. Like researches, not every information could be found on the internet. It takes time to gather important informations. Sometimes students still have to look for books for their homework and it would take time. Students also have other things to do than their assignments, they have seatworks and quizzes to study for. Besides that, they have also group projects in different subjects to work on. If they have less homework, they would have enough time to review and enough time to finish their projects.

Homework takes away students’ family time and it affects their family relationship. Based on a study in “Current Issues in Education”, homework has a great possibility to increase family stress and decrease family closeness. If students concentrate too much on their school tasks, they’ll have less time with their parents and family. Other than family time, assignments affect students’ time for their house chores. There are some students who are independent and do chores such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, sweeping the floor, feeding the dog, gardening and more. A lot of families have routines at their homes, like praying together before they go to bed or eat as a family and homework disturbs these family routines.

Too many homework is one of the main reasons why students lack sleep and will have difficulty in concentrating during class discussion. Sometimes they sleep at around midnight or even pass midnight. Homework causes frustration and exhaustion to students. Other students who have insufficient rest tend to sleep at school or during class which is not good. Homework causes fever to some students. When a student is weak, he can’t participate well in class activities and it would affect his grades. Too much homework also pressures students and they won’t be able to relax and prepare for the following day.

In conclusion, too much homework has lots of bad effects to students. First of all, it consumes too much of their time. It’ll be hard for students to finish more than 4 homework a night. Second, homework takes away students’ family time, routines and time for them to do their household chores. Third, it badly affects students’ health and causes frustration, exhaustion and loss of concentration that affect their school performance. Therefore, I conclude that highschool students should have a maximum of 4 homework daily.