A Way to Kill School Children + Reality

Recently during English class, we talked about a poem entitled, “A Way to Kill Schoolchildren” written by Victorio N. Sugbo. At first, I honestly wasn’t even curious to know what the poem was all about, but when our teacher started discussing the poem, I felt this excitement inside me. The poem doesn’t really talks about how to literally kill schoolchildren, but instead it talks about fairytales blinding us from the truth. Fairytales always have a “happily ever after” at the ending part of each story, but when go back to the real thing, there is no such thing as a happily ever after at all. We need to work hard for us to have a happy ending in life. We do not have a “Prince” or a “Fairy” to depend on. The story of our lives depends on us.

During our break time, I read an article written by Nathan Allen. The title of the article is, “Filipinos: Think, Think, Think!!”. Everything he said in the article is very true. Specially when he said “The Philippines seems to be a country full of consumers and copycats.” Why don’t we try to be producers instead of always being the consumers? And why don’t we try to create something originally made in the Philippines? Filipinos usually depend on other countries. Just like when typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, all we did was to ask for help. What I like about this article is that Nathan Allen was very honest on what he wrote about us. He told us what he really thinks about Filipinos and didn’t hide the truth from us.


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