Dear Diary

So this is just a made up story/ diary for our English homework.


This diary was written by an 8th grader girl who has a big crush on a varsity basketball player who doesn’t really like her.

Dear Diary,

Today wasn’t just like any ordinary school day. Today was totally different. You know why? Because I caught HIM staring at me! After the bell rang, KRIIING! KRIIING! I went out of our classroom for fresh air, then when I turned my back, he was right in front of me. Like RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I saw his bright blue gorgeous eyes staring at me politely with his angry face. He was wearing his dark blue jacket that he wears everyday, his black Ray-Ban glasses, his hair was neatly combed like a gangster and he was carrying his red basketball. When I saw him, I was so shocked because I didn’t know what to do. Our faces were real close. Then he told me, “Excuse me? Don’t block my way you ugly Science girl.” When he said those words, my heartbeat went fast! He called me ‘ugly’ and that was soooo sweet! He actually noticed me after how many years and he even talked to me. I really felt so pretty that time. After he said those words, I didn’t move and I just stared at him for a few seconds then he suddenly pushed me to the railings! He actually TOUCHED me. He pushed me with his two beautiful hands. By that time, I knew that he also likes me :’>.

Yup. So today is truly one of the best days of my life!



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