Jose Villa’s Footnote to Youth

We were asked to read a short story entitled “Footnote to Youth”, written by Jose Garcia Villa. So, I read it. The story is about a teenage boy, Dodong, who wanted to marry his girlfriend, Teang, at the age of 17. He thinks that he is already old enough for marriage, but the life that followed after their marriage was not really the life they expected. Teang gave birth to their first son, Blas, then followed by more. Dodong ang his wife started to regret. In this story, Dodong is a good example of some teenagers nowadays. What I don’t understand is that, why do lots of teenage girls get themselves pregnant? I mean like, do they know how to raise up a child? What about the child’s future? Didn’t they think about these stuff before getting themselves pregnant? I’m sure they didn’t, but they should’ve. After how many years, Dodong realized his mistakes. Only then he knew that he was too young to marry. If he could just bring back time and not marry Teang. One of Dodong’s mistakes is that he was such in a hurry to marry. He didn’t think about his life after their marriage. All he thought about was he wanted to be with Teang. My question is, why did Dodong’s father allowed him to marry? And when Blas turned 18, he also asked his father, Dodong, if he may marry Tona, his girlfriend. When Dodong heard that, he was silent. And even though he didn’t want his son to marry, he still allowed him. He was silent. He was hurt. He knew what life awaits Blas and Tona after they marry, but didn’t warn him. Dodong felt very sad and sorry for his son.

I hope that by this short story, teenagers won’t do the same mistake Dodong did.


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