State Of the Nation Address 2014

Just last Monday, July 28, President Noynoy Aquino had his 5th SONA or State of the Nation Address. SONA is held yearly wherein the President shares to us the status of the country, his achievements and accomplishments as the leader, and agendas for this year and the years to come. In his latest SONA, he mentioned lots of improvements in our country. One thing that he mentioned was the Philippine’s economic achievements. The government intensified tax collection: from 1.094 trillion pesos in 2010, to 1.536 trillion in 2013. Our dept to GDP ratio was decreased and the money that was supposed to pay for the interest, went to social services. PNoy also talked about the infrastructures. He said that the budget for infrastructures was doubled. From 203.3 billion pesos last 2011 to 404.4 billion pesos this 2014.

The issues that PNoy mentioned were all interesting, but among those issues and topics, I was most interested when he was talking about TESDA. Even before SONA, I already knew that TESDA exists. I thought that this is just like any other ordinary public school, but i was wrong. Only last Monday, I was surprised when PNoy reported about how TESDA helped a lot of Filipinos. The DAP contributed 1.6 billion pesos to this Training-for-Work Scholarship Program and 223, 615 Filipinos were able to graduate. 66% or 146,731 graduates now have jobs and are now working, while the remaining 34% are now being helped by TESDA to look for a job. For me, I find TESDA very interesting because through this, a lot of people learn, graduate and can now look for a job and it’s all for free. You don’t have to pay expensive tuition fee in order for you to learn. And when every graduate student from TESDA gets a job, this will help the country to rise.

PNoy’s latest SONA was honestly agreeable, well at least for me. Even though I don’t really feel the changes happening in our country, I know that the president is really doing something to help the Philippines progress.


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