Japan’s Life


Just recently, we started learning about Japanese literature and began with a poem entitle “Subway”, written by Etsuro Sakamoto.

“Everyday I step into a coffin
with strangers
Nailing hurriedly
My own coffin,
I go toward the city
to be buried alive”

Just like anybody else, I did not immediately understand what the author wanted to say or to point out. I think what I only understood at first was the title, subway. I didn’t know that this poem is describing actually describing Japan as a country. The last couplet states: “I go toward the city to be buried alive.” In a city, there are lots of work to do, stress, tiredness, people, noise, projects, etc. In other words, in a city there is no rest. People there are restless. A city provides restlessness, and that is how Japan is today. For me, that is what the poem is trying to say. I searched for a video which I relate to the poem, “Subway”. I think this video is the same as the poem, because the person in the video obviously is very busy, restless, and it just repeats everyday.



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