Igbo Language

1. agadi-nwayi (old woman)
I was alone in my room yesterday staring at my grandma’s photos when she was still alive, and then suddenly I saw an agadi-nwayi standing right beside me.

2. Chi (personal god)
I feel like my Chi has abandoned me.

3. Jigida
My baby sister is happily playing with my mom’s Jigida.

4. Iba (fever)
I haven’t had an Iba these past weeks.

5. Efukfu (worthless man)
A man who does none or contributes nothing to the community is considered an Efukfu.

6. Ekwe (musical instrument)
Sydna always wanted to learn how to play the ekwe, but her father did not allowed her to.

7. eneke-nti-oba (a kind of bird)
Only women are allowed to haunt for eneke-nti-oba.

8. eze-agadi-nwayi (old woman’s teeth)
My auntie’s eze-agadi-nwayi keeps on falling off every time she chews, that’s why she had to buy a new set of teeth.

9. isa-ifi (a ceremony)
Because of the isa-ifi last week, my aunt and uncle are now together again and going to have their first child by the end of the next month.

10. Kwenu (a shout of approval and greeting)
After each of the president’s pauses in his speech, everyone shouted “kwenu!”