Valentine’s ❀️ <3

Valentine’s day is over but I’d still blog about it. Every February 14, people celebrate heart’s day or valentine’s day. This is a special day for couples and the people who are important in your life. LoooOOooooOooooveee. Yesterday, I saw boys walking while holding a bouquet of roses. Sweeeet. Lots of couples were holding hands and walking sweetly along the sideways. (I think I now know the reason why I got late for about 30 minutes). Love? What I know about love is that it is one of the greatest feelings on earth. It is such a great emotion felt by everyone. Love for family, friends, country, a special person and more. Without love, I think the world would be dark, full of cruel people and hopelessness. The greatest love of all? Well, for me it’s the love of God. He loved us so much that He sacrificed His son, Jesus Christ, His one and only son to save us from our sins. And that is a very true and perfect example of Love.

Okay, back to Valentine’s. I love Valentine’s! xD.. Why? Uhm obviously because of the chocolates🍫! Valentine’s day never fails to keep my tummy full. Soooo that’s just about it πŸ˜„πŸ˜€


Homework: builds or destroys?

“Many students sleep late because of too much homework”, based on many articles. In every school, it is the practice of teachers to give homework to their students. This is a way of helping the students to learn more by doing it by himself at home. It also helps them to understand the lesson more. Homework could be a follow-up for the lessons taken in the classroom or it could be an advance study for the lessons to be taken the following meeting. However, homework doesn’t always help students’ academic performance. Too many homework could cause the students to sleep late at night trying to finish all the given assignments. Whenever a student stay late at night, it would lead him to poor performance in class. Staying late at night gives you a heavy eyes and sometimes dizziness that would affect your concentration in class lectures or discussions. Because of this, it lessens students’ interest in learning.

Highschool students should be given a maximum of 4 homework daily. If they would have more than 4 homework a day, students won’t be able to finish it all before the deadline. For highschool students, 4 homework is enough because some homework consumes a lot of time. Sometimes there are homework that needs to be done for two or more hours especially if it requires research or interview. Like researches, not every information could be found on the internet. It takes time to gather important informations. Sometimes students still have to look for books for their homework and it would take time. Students also have other things to do than their assignments, they have seatworks and quizzes to study for. Besides that, they have also group projects in different subjects to work on. If they have less homework, they would have enough time to review and enough time to finish their projects.

Homework takes away students’ family time and it affects their family relationship. Based on a study in “Current Issues in Education”, homework has a great possibility to increase family stress and decrease family closeness. If students concentrate too much on their school tasks, they’ll have less time with their parents and family. Other than family time, assignments affect students’ time for their house chores. There are some students who are independent and do chores such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, sweeping the floor, feeding the dog, gardening and more. A lot of families have routines at their homes, like praying together before they go to bed or eat as a family and homework disturbs these family routines.

Too many homework is one of the main reasons why students lack sleep and will have difficulty in concentrating during class discussion. Sometimes they sleep at around midnight or even pass midnight. Homework causes frustration and exhaustion to students. Other students who have insufficient rest tend to sleep at school or during class which is not good. Homework causes fever to some students. When a student is weak, he can’t participate well in class activities and it would affect his grades. Too much homework also pressures students and they won’t be able to relax and prepare for the following day.

In conclusion, too much homework has lots of bad effects to students. First of all, it consumes too much of their time. It’ll be hard for students to finish more than 4 homework a night. Second, homework takes away students’ family time, routines and time for them to do their household chores. Third, it badly affects students’ health and causes frustration, exhaustion and loss of concentration that affect their school performance. Therefore, I conclude that highschool students should have a maximum of 4 homework daily.

Problems in Life :)

So tonight I am going to blog about problems. Yay. So what do you feel everytime you encounter a problem happening in your life? Whether it’s big or small, school problems, family problems, lovelife (if you guys have one), personal problems, etc. What I can say about problems is that they are given by God for us to solve. Our Creator, God, gives us hard times or problems sometimes for us to learn/ for us to be stronger/ or for us to remember Him. Everytime a problem comes into your life, don’t feel bad or angry at Him even though you are having a hard time already. Remember that He will never give you a problem that He knows you won’t be able to solve. And if you fail to solve that problem, don’t give up easily because there is always a chance for us to start again. Like what they say that everytime a door closes, one door opens. But we sometimes just stare at the closed door too long and don’t know that another had opened. So that means, He still gives us opportunities for us to stand again. And he wants to give us problems because only then will we remember that He exists. We sometimes forget God because of the things or people around us. Because of the happiness happening in our lives. But only then we remember Him when we have problems or when we feel lost. So just remember that God is ALWAYS there for us. He’s just there knocking on the doors of people’s heart waiting for them to accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior. He is always there and he will never get tired of waiting and understanding you :). That’s why as much as possible while we are still alive, let us show Him how much we love and appreciate the things he does for us everyday.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last Thursday night, some of my classmates and I watched the Grade 10’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of William Shakespeare’s masterpiece. So yaaaah… I wasn’t supposed to blog about this topic but I saw some of my classmates blogging about this so I’ve decided to also blog. I lack looOoooOoOOoooOts of blog and I really need to catch up. Besides, it’s third sem already. Okay I shall continue. I’m expecting that you guys know about Shakespeare because he’s life is a big part of English history. He is known to be the greatest English writer in the world. He’s mind and talent in writing are just sooooo incomparable. So there now you know a little about William Shakespeare. Uhm so just like what I said earlier, we watched one of his plays by the Grade 10 students and it was awesooome! Their props, stage designs, lights, costumes and specially the dresses were beautiful! I didn’t know that the Grade 10 students would be able to do such a great and wonderful job. I like how they acted, their style and accent of speaking in English and their hard work really paid off. After the play, I was just wondering, If our batch reaches 10th grade, would we be able to do such a big project? I think not but I hope so. Because of this play, I just realized that the talents given by our Creator to each grade 10 students were used for his glory and I think this is a way for us to find our passion. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜


Metro Manila Film Festival 2013

Every year, there is a film festival that happens from December 25 until the first week of January, and the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is part of it. During the MMFF, only Filipino movies are being shown in Philippine theaters to showcase locally produced films. This year’s MMFF, 15 movies were submitted but only 8 were allowed by the MMDA. The 8 movies are “Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy”, “My Little Bossings”, “Pagpag”, “10 000 Hours”, “Kimmy Dora”, “Kaleidoscope World”, “Pedro Calungsod”, and “Boy Golden”. During the Christmas break I was able to watch Pagpag and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (GBBT). The two movies were great especially GBBT, it was really funny. And not just that, it also has a lesson that all of us should learn. It’s about forgiving and starting again as a family. If I’m not mistaken, I think the movie My Little Bossings earned the highest amount of money then GBBT second, Pagpag is third but “10 000 Hours” received lots of awards than the other movies.

If you haven’t watched a movie from MMFF, I highly encourage you to watch for us to support Filipino movies and to also enjoy movies of our own. It would also be a nice time for you and your family to bond together while enjoying watching and by the same time learning.


Miss Universe 2013

Last week, November 9, Miss Universe 2013 was held at the Crocus City Hall in Russia. Yearly, Miss Universe is being held in different countries. 86 countries joined this event this year. Miss Ariella Arida was the one who participated in this event while representing the Philippines. She is a Filipino Beauty Queen and was born on November 20, 1988 in Laguna. When the emcee was announcing the Top 16 of this pageant, 15 countries were already announced but I didn’t hear our country’s name. It gave me a mini heart attack because for the last few years, Philippines is always part of the top 5. So when the emcee was going to announce the top 16, it was the Philippines 😭. Haha I was happy to hear that. So the pageant went on and we were part of top 10 and top 5. When the Question and Answer part came, I felt really excited. I can’t wait to hear Miss Ariella Arida’s answer to the judges’ question. Judge Tara Lipinski was the one who asked Ariella the question. She asked “what can be done about the lack of jobs for young people starting with their careers all around the world.” Ariella’s answer was this:
β€œFor the people who have lack of jobs, I do believe that we people should invest in education. And that is my primary advocacy, because if every one of us is educated and weβ€˜re well aware of what we are doing, we could land into jobs and could land good careers in the future. So, education is a primary source and it is a ticket for a better future.”
Among every country who was part of the top 5, Philippines was the only country from Asia and Ariella was the only one who answered in English. The 4 contestants answered with a translator. But even though we didn’t win, I’m still proud ^^. Ariella Arida won 3rd Runner Up and we Filipinos are proud of it.


Recently, a very VERY strong typhoon hit some parts of the Philippines specially Tacloban. They say that Yolanda is the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the history of mankind that killed at least 10,000 people in Leyte. I watched the news last night and I saw a lot of people crying and really sad. They lost their families, loved ones, houses and other properties. Based from what I hear and see, Yolanda is already considered as a super typhoon and is part of signal #5.

Last month, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Bohol and some parts of Cebu. Lots of churches and historical places in Bohol were damaged because of the earthquake. The precious places in Bohol that the people took care of for how many years are now gone just because of an earthquake. Not very long ago, another sad event happened in our country. There was a war in Mindanao. Filipinos vs Filipinos? It just… really breaks my heart 😣. War, earthquake, strongest typhoon, and Napoles. I just don’t understand why God gives us a problem after another problem that has not been solved yet. I mean, I’m not saying that it’s Gods fault, I just don’t get it πŸ˜₯. Is He trying to tell us something about His return? Or is He trying to tell us something about our country? Well, I think, for now we should just stay strong and hold on. Maybe God just wants to teach us something that would help us develop more as a country. 😊 Think positive, remember? xD…

Just please include the Philippines in your prayers and continue praying for the people in Tacloban. We do not know how strong our prayers will affect them πŸ˜€

Packing Day (VLC!!!!!!!!!! 4 HOURS LEFT 😭)

4 HOURS LEFT BEFORE THE MOST AWAITED DAY! Tomorrow, 24th of October, we are going to Cebu, Visayas. We didn’t have any classes today for us to prepare the things we need to bring tomorrow. Batch 1 and Batch 2’s meeting time tomorrow will be at 4 o’clock in the morning while batch 3 will meet at I think 5 AM. I am part of Batch 1 that’s why I need to sleep early but I still have to finish my blog set for this week. Anyways, I REAAAALLY CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER I’M SOOOO EXCITED. I just finished packing my things which includes my blue shirt, PE uniform, 1 set of School uniform, jeans, shoes, cap, business attire, sleeping wear, pocket money, phone, and many many many many more. Now I have exactly 5 and a half hours left to sleep. I’m going to wake up at 1:30 in the morning because I don’t wanna be late, like my brother last year. I just hope that this field trip will not be just like any other field trip, but a trip that will teach us lots of new things, discover, inspire us, and will let us love our country more. I also hope that all of us will be able to go to Visayas. I hope that no one will get sick while we’re in Cebu. Let’s just pray that God will be with us all the way to Cebu and back to Manila :))).

VLC <3

Heelloooo! Tomorrow is our last day in school before VLC! EMEGEEESSSSHHHHHHH!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. 3 days before our camp and 3 days more before my first time to ride an airplane :))))). I just want to blog about how excited I am because it is also my first time to go to Visayas. It’ll be fun because of course I’m with my classmates and we’ll learn lots of new things. A while ago we had an orientation for VLC at Land 21. Ate Jackie shared her experienced and the things she learned when they went in Cebu last year. She said that it was very fun and they learned the stories behind the historical places in Cebu. Like for example, the Kalipulako Shrine. She said that the story behind Kalipulako Shrine has a sad part also. But she didn’t tell us what is it because she might lessen our excitement. Yeah so that’s all ^^. Again, I AM EXCITED. 😭 tears of joy

VLC Orientation ^^

Awhile ago, 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon, we had an orientation for this coming Visayas Learning Camp in Cebu. Our teachers discussed all the rules, consequences, places we’re going to visit, attires we’re going to use, things we need to bring, where to meet, groupmates and more :))))). I was very very excited while they were talking in front but the sad thing is that the school isn’t 100% sure yet if our VLC will be on October 24-27 because of the earthquake. They still need a letter from the Golden Prince Hotel if they are sure that we are safe to stay there for 4 days and 3 nights. If they say that they’re not 100% sure, then our VLC will be moved on January :((((. I hope God will keep us safe in Cebu because all of us have been waiting for this camp for months! So PLEASE PLEASE PRAY :D.

Okay, going back to the orientation, they also said that room hopping isn’t allowed ._. . Almost half of the batch from last year’s camp had a verbal reprimand while others had an offense slip because they did not follow the rules. Sad. We also aren’t allowed to bring video games and other gadgets because it might be lost and we do not have time to play. Our iPads will also be collected by tomorrow because we can’t take home our iPads during breaks :|. But nvm πŸ˜€. The objective of this field trip is to learn and also have fun. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž